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Terms and Conditions

Ordering and delivering

  • The formats listed on the website are global. If you want an exact size, this must be indicated when ordering
  • Orders are processed after payment has been received by us
  • The delivery time for items that are in stock is approximately 2 days
  • The delivery time for items that are not in stock is 2 to 3 weeks
  • The objects are packed in a flat box

Terms of delivery

The Metaalunie Conditions, filed with the Registry of the District Court in Rotterdam, as stated in the text deposited there, apply to all our deliveries. These conditions will be sent upon request.


You can return your order within 2 weeks after delivery. The order must be undamaged and returned properly packaged. Your money will be refunded after receipt and inspection.

Rust forming

  • The possibility exists that your decoration is not yet or not completely rusted. This is normal. Depending on the humidity (rain or fog), rust formation starts within 2 to 4 weeks.
  • If welding work has been done on your order, those areas may be discolored. Later, these places also rust in the same way as the rest. This also applies to any production scratches.
  • Sometimes production numbers are still visible on the Corten steel. These can easily be removed with a little gasoline or thinner.
  • Degreasing with, for example, gasoline, accelerates the rusting process.


Dutch Metal Design reserves the right to include customer designs once produced in the webshop. If the client does not want this, he must indicate this when ordering.