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Special designs custom made

Do you have an idea for a unique design yourself?

There are endless possibilities!​

Custom made

In terms of design, the sky is the limit. Keep in mind that the design should in principle consist of one piece. After all, if this consists of several parts, each part must be attached separately to the wall or on the ground.

On the production side, we are dealing with a maximum size steel plate that can be cut. This maximum format is 3000×1500 mm. If necessary, several plates can be welded together.

By default, we cut logos, name plates and the like for the wall from 2 mm Corten steel. Small standing objects made of 3 or 4 mm material. Large objects have a thickness of 8 mm or more and are usually provided with reinforcing ribs.

In addition to Corten steel, we can also cut from stainless steel or aluminum.


The landmark for your company

Placed on masonry, concrete or or wood give it a professional appearance to your company. Also available with spacers so that lighting with an LED cord is easily possible.
Profile pictures
As a nice gift or tribute to a person (or animal)

Provide us with a good drawing and we will turn it into an indestructible work of art or memorial.


Catchy texts available in many fonts

The challenge with cutting out texts is that letter parts such as the top part of the letter e will fall away. The creatives of Dutch Metal Design know tricks to solve this. Ask for the possibilities!

Dutch Metal Design


Bring the skyline of Rotterdam, Amsterdam or New-York into your home

Or any skyline. Do you have a nice drawing or vector file? We are happy to cut it for you. Also available with spacers so that the background can be illuminated. Also very suitable as a kitchen back wall.
Place name and street signs
Atmospheric designation that makes the difference

Combine the functional with atmosphere and style. Hufterproof, trendy and distinctive. We have already made place name, street and neighborhood signs for various municipalities. A lot is possible, so send your idea and we think along with you!



The cost structure for custom made items is influenced by:

  • the design
  • the delivery of the design
  • the material
  • the size
  • the complexity
  • and shipment


  • The minimum height for cut out letters is approximately 40mm
  • The starting price for the production of your own designs is € 195.00.



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