Unique steel decorations

DMD370Dutch Metal Design designs and produces unique steel decorations

The beautiful designs are cut by laser from season-proof weathering steel.

This material with his rough look, is specially suited for your garden, border and terrace but is indoor as well a treat for the eyes!

Dutch Metal Design decorations are an asset for each space!

Naturalistic objects for your garden or wall

All figures are laser cut out of 2, 3 or 4 mm weathering steel.

Because of the unique light- and shadow effects they are really showing off on a sunny spot in your garden or border.

Also on fence or wall it's a original accession for garden, balcony or inner space.

These animals coming with a set of ground anchor or a wall mounting kit.

Objects starting at €49

What is corten steel

Weathering steel, best-known under the trademark COR-TEN steel and sometimes written without the hyphen as "Corten steel", is a group of steel alloys which were developed to eliminate the need for painting, and form a stable rust-like appearance if exposed to the weather for several years.

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Brown Bear

A solid type

Available in Large and Extra Large. Made in 3 mm weathering steel and with a solid ground pin or wallmounting set.

As well as a magnetic whiteboard. Powdercoatedinwhite and deliverde with magnets and whiteboard pencil.

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This corten steel chicken, is a nice piece of decoration for your garden of border.

Available in 2 sizes with ground mounting.

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Wall climber

This southern European lizard also climbs walls. This corten steel version only if you screw it on. Available in Small and Medium

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Huilende Wolf

Terug in de Lage Landen!

De voorvader van onze hond huilt tegen de maan (schijnt). Bovendien heeft zich een roedel op de Veluwe gevestigd. Dit tuinbeeld is verkrijgbaar in Medium, Large en Extra Large.

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Sitting Fox

This garden statue of a sitting fox has a friendly appearance. Available in large and medium.

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Oak in 3D

Beautiful oak with extra dimension

This model is executed in 3D. The 3 parts are linked together with discs.

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Ook leuk aan een wand

Deze boxer zonder staart wordt geleverd met grondankers of een wandbevestigings-set voor montage aan muur of schutting. Verkrijgbaar in 3 formaten.

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Peuzelaar van staal

Dit knaagdier kan je op of in een boom plaatsen of op de grond in border, tuin of terras. In 3 formaten verkrijgbaar.

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Onze eland is zeker in extra-large-uitvoering bijzonder indrukwekkend. Staat leuk in een grote tuin.

Verkrijgbaar in medium, large en extra-large.

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When made form corten steel this predator, isn't scary but just beautiful. Available in large and medium.

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Voor langs de bosrand

Deze ree is een leuke aanwinst in je tuin. Natuurlijk helemaal in een bosrijk gebied. Verkrijgbaar in 3 maten.

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De beeltenis van deze drinkende giraffe is een prachtig kunstwerk. Voor in de tuin of aan de muur. Verkrijgbaar in large en extra-large.

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Sitting hare

This corten steel rabbit, is a nice decoration for your border or garden. Available in 2 sizes and with ground or wall fittings.

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Running hare

Watch it!

This running hare will run out everyone! Available in 2 sizes and with ground or wall fittings.

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Deze cortenstalen haan is een leuke decoratie in een border of tuin. Verkrijgbaar in 2 formaten met grondbevestiging.

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Heron on guard

Patient type

This balance artist is very nice at a pond or ditch. Available in medium and large and now also in extra-large.

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An elegant appearance

Made in solid corten steel and available with a sturdy ground spike, wall mounting set or terrace foot.



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A real eye-catcher

Comes in Large and Extra Large format. Made of 4 mm corten steel and available with a sturdy ground spike or wall mounting set.

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Nice at pond or ditch

Made of corten steel and available with a sturdy ground spike or wall mounting set. Now available in extra-large as well as in medium and large.



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Boxer with tail

You can order this fellow in 3 sizes

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Dit landroofdier is met een laser gesneden uit cortenstaal. Verkrijgbaar in 3 formaten, zowel voor in de tuin als aan de wand of schutting.

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Grazing cow

This grazing cow is a cheerful appearance in your own backyard. Available in 2 sizes.

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Border Collie

The border collie is best known as a sheep driver. Available in 2 sizes.

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Wild boar

Fortunately, this tough wild pig does not attack. Both in the garden and on the wall. And available in 4 sizes: From cute small to life size.

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Watch it!

Thsi beautiful animal is a real eye-catcher for a garden wall of just inside your house. We make him/her in a few different sizes.

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  • Small: maximum 35x25 cm
  • Medium: maximum 60x40cm
  • Large: maximum 90x60cm
  • Extra Large: maximum 120x100cm

The exact dimensions are depending the choosen model.

Want to know the exact domenisons or do you need a special size? Send a message!
or Call: +31 85 301 0901



Size S on block pallet of 120x100cm



Size M on block pallet of 120x100cm



Size L on block pallet of 120x100cm

Extra Large

Extra Large

Size XL on block pallet of 120x100cm



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Delivering time and shipment

  • Most of our models and sizes, are make to order. The regular delivering time is around three weeks
  • Your order is packed in a firm flat box
  • The shipping costs in Europe (except the Netherlands and Belgium) for S,M and L formats are € 20,00
  • The shipping costs in Europe (except the Netherlands and Belgium) for XL formats are € 100,00